Best Women Trail Running Shoes

Tips for Choosing a Trail-Running Shoe

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There are many different types of trail running shoes; however, when it comes to distinguishing the perfect type of shoe, there is never a definitive answer. That is because each and every person has their own preference and naturally their own opinion. Even so, there are some things you can look out for to get the perfect trail running shoe.

Stack height

For starters, the stack height of the shoe makes a difference. There are shoes that have a more natural shape and less material underling the shoe. These are also known as minimal shoes. They are known to provide better biomechanics. On the other hand, we have shoes with a thicker stack height. These are preferred by some people as they protect the feet better and offer a more comfortable run. In the end, it comes down to how much cushioning you like. Just keep in mind that if you decide on the minimal shoe, it is better to start small. Go for shorter runs so that you can get used to them. This way, any unnecessary injuries can be avoided.


The weight of the shoe is another aspect that should be taken into consideration. It is best if the shoe is as lightweight as possible but also provides maximum protection.

Rock plate

We also have the foam vs rock plate debate. Though both have their ups and downs, foam can absorb more shock and is especially useful if the terrain is rocky.

Lastly, do not shy away from trying different types of shoes. In fact, trying on as many different pairs as possible is the path to finding the perfect pair of trail running shoes.

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. The life of your running shoes will depend on how many miles you run. As we mentioned before, there are many types of running shoes. On average, a pair of running shoes will last for anywhere between 300 miles to 500 miles. So, on average, they will last for a time period of four to six months for a regular runner. The life of these shoes will also depend on how you use them and in which condition they are being used. There are several ways to extend the life of your running shoes.

Drying them out and cleaning them can help significantly. Furthermore, owning an extra pair can also help out a lot. If you alternate between the two pairs, you might not have to invest in another one anytime soon. To be on the safe side, keep a lookout for signs that may tell you that it is time for a replacement.

One of the most common signs of worn-out shoes is that they will feel flat. The comfort level will not remain the same, and they might even hurt your feet. Overall, the shoes will have uneven wear which can make your run less enjoyable and more tiring. Finally, the most obvious sign is that the soles of the shoes will be worn out. A timely replacement will save you from a lot of trouble, so keep these pointers in mind.