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I am both an athlete and a professional in the field of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology. I enjoy sharing my passion for endurance sports with others through coaching and lifestyle consulting. To learn more about me and my background in exercise physiology, check out the 'About Stephanie' and 'Blog' links. To learn more about the REP Lab and services offered click HERE.

My goal is to provide coaching services and individualized training plans to fit the needs of unique individuals. I understand that most athletes are first and foremost normal, busy people trying to balance work, family, and play. An effective training plan considers all these life obligations to achieve balancein life and maximize the benefits of training. Training plans are not 'one size fits all' and should be formulated to match the lifestyle and goals of the individual.

Please check out the Coaching and Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Consulting services I offer. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you don't see a program that quite fits your needs.Email: showe@reboundoregon.com

To learn more or set up an appointment now:
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