Running Shorts for Women

What to look for in running shorts?

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Working out is absolutely essential, however, to have a good workout, you need clothing in which you can move freely. Running shorts are one of the most preferred garments when it comes to workout gear, but you cannot just pick out any random pair. Let’ have a look at what one should look for when buying running shorts.


On a very serious note, what use are running shorts if they do not provide comfort? Working out means that you will be sweating and a lot at that. Therefore, if the fabric and the overall make of the running shorts are not comfortable, you could find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. Usually, the best fabric is one that is strong yet breathable. The fabric usually used for making running shorts is synthetic fibre material. It is lightweight and durable and will not cause chaffing, unlike natural fibre fabrics like cotton. Materials like cotton absorb moisture and can get uncomfortable as they stick to the skin.


You can select between three types of running shorts. Shorter running shorts are approximately three inches long. This is the best length for all runners that need to keep restriction levels to the minimum. These type of shorts also provide maximum ventilation as well and are much preferred by marathon runners. The second type of running shorts is about five inches long on average. They are quite versatile and can be used for absolutely any type of workout. The third type of running shorts are the longest and reach almost to the knee. They usually measure seven inches and are best for short distances and changing weather conditions.

Extra Features

Extra features in a pair of running shorts are pockets or reflective detailing. There can be more, but these two are the most important features to have. Pockets are an absolute essential in any type of garment, especially ones that you work out in. They make it easier for you to carry various things like your wallet, keys, mobile phone, etc. Ideally, the pockets should have zippers to prevent things from falling out. As for reflective detailing, it is a must for people working out in dimly lit areas or those who prefer to go for a run in the night.